Watch the same video on two PCs simultaneously, no matter the distance



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Gaze is the best way to enjoy a movie night with someone else without having to be present in the same room, or even in the same city. It works by connecting both computers through a video call from which you can also watch the movie simultaneously.

You can play YouTube videos as well as local files, although in this case both of you need to have the file on your computers. To connect with the other person, just use the automatically generated link when you get to the site.

This application also lets you save videos to Dropbox and Google Drive in order to access them quickly. You can also talk with the other person via the integrated chat, which lets you share comments on the video you are watching.

Gaze lets you feel close to the person that's watching the movie with you, letting you enjoy watching movies or TV series with company despite being hundreds of miles apart.
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